Thank you for taking the time to view my work.

My passion for photography started at an early age. Family, friends and teachers encouraged me to pursue this interest, which I am very grateful for.

Since 1998, my clients have included newspapers, ad agencies, film crews and small businesses. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from the University of Montana with an emphasis in design/tech.

I've ridden my bike from Seattle to Washington D.C. and hiked Mt. Whitney twice, but those journeys lack in comparison to being a dad. 

I love being a dad and participating in my daughter's school. I love to ski, play soccer, fish and hike. I like the smell of 35mm film, the ocean and sawdust. 

I enjoy making my family and friends laugh.

My approach with photography is to listen, watch and capture life's moments. I am also skilled at creating images that highlight a concept my clients are trying to express. 

Please get in touch for my availability and rates.

-Dave Bell

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